Saturday, May 7, 2011

Network - Exploring our website data - Part three

Ever wondered where all of our instruments are located around NZ?  Its all on our website here!

ROPS - Strong-Motion site at Rotorua Police Station

*  DELTA - is our database that has detailed information about each of our sites (tsunami, seismic and strong-motion) Including maps, coordinates and photos of the instruments.

You can search by name, location or use the map. 


Network Maps - There are two options here, the first page is an interactive map that allows you to choose what you want to see (different networks, operational, under construction etc.) and zoom around on the map on NZ.

The second option is to view the static network maps (the tab is up on the left). Here you can see full maps of NZ showing our seismograph, cGPS, strong-motion and tsunami sites.  Underneath is a map of NZ where you can click on regions and see a more detailed view in each area.   All of these maps are automatically updated daily.
ScreenShot of the interactive map.

Auckland Region Network Map


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