Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday - The end of the world is nigh...

This year has really been the year of 'predictions'!  End of the world, large earthquakes, large tsunami etc. have all come at us. (we won't even go into the Moon!) The most recent is the May 21st where .. well its confusing but something to do with rapture and doomsday and then the 'end of days'.  But don't forget we also have the big world end on December 2012 (tis very confusing keeping up with them all)!

So in light of this i thought the above song would fit in great for this weekend - REM 'The end of the world'.

PS - No one can predict earthquakes, tsunami, nor the end of the world!!  So have a great weekend!


  1. awwww, I bought whiskey and chips for the party to welcome the end times... oh well

  2. I had a bet with a prophet. I said that if the end of the world did come as he predicted then he could have all I possess. If he was wrong then..... He didn't take the bet. Odd that.

  3. This is just insane. The world is never gonna end, alright? It is just the people who will die and born again. Planet Earth is never gonna stop spinning or never gonna explode. So please stop spreading such insensible concepts.

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