Sunday, February 27, 2011

Christchurch Response ~ Day 2 ~ Pt 2

The team had another long day in the field, four strong motion and four weak-motion sites are now installed. Tomorrow they are off to Akaroa.

I asked Lara what her thoughts were as they were driving around Christchurch, (as we had both travelled around the city in November to distribute the 'GeoNet News Special Edition'  and love ChCh) she said: "it still feels unbelievable to see an area you know looking so broken. Everywhere you see roads are cracked and you see signs for water. Like a war zone. but locals are amazingly resilient and positive and still happy to help"

 Lara (with lots of gear) about to go for a hike to find a site east of Diamond Harbour. After all that lugging they get to dig!

A large part of Charteris Road has collapsed, this is on the way to Diamond Harbour.

Lara, armed and dangerous with a compass, making sure the seismograph is aligned correctly. 

Caroline putting the finishing touches on the forth weak motion site, east of Tai tapu. The electric fence is too keep nosy animals from checking out the equipment!

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  1. Hi, the slip in charteris bay happened in the wet winter before september. There is a small slope failure all along the edge of that road though.