Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christchurch Response ~ Day 1 (+ Updates)

With Team 2 travelling down from Kaikoura today, Team 1 (camper) set off this morning and have installed the first temporary site, north of the city
(you can see the site locations here:  yellow pins are short period (like in the photo left) and red pins are strong motion instruments.)

 Pics to the left show Lara at the first site install of the day, and Sam in charge of the camper cooking!

PM ~ Update

Both teams have now split into two and have  been hard at work all day. So far they have installed two sites each, progress has been slow due to traffic detours and hard digging.  One hole the team had to dig took over an hour!

One of the many unbelievable sights the team have passed whilst travelling around Christchurch, this picture shows some houses sitting precariously on the cliffs at Sumner.


Caroline(left) and Lara (below) from today's 'girl power' team, installing a short-period sensor on the hills above Sumner.

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