Wednesday, December 16, 2015

AC/DC rock New Zealand.

Now you may remember when the Foo Fighters came to Auckland in 2011 we recorded the crowd vibrations on our instruments. 

Well AC/DC played in Wellington on Sunday, and Auckland last night, and our instruments picked them up as well.

The shaking is caused by the weight of the fans dancing, as well as the sound system.



You can see the concert show up in the middle of the seismograph.

The Wellington concert looks bigger as our instrument was closer to the concert venue.

Looking at our Herne Bay instrument we can compare the two Auckland concerts, and you can clearly see (check out the scale) the Foo Fighters crowd in 2011 created a lot more ground vibration.
AC/DC 2015

Foo Fighters 2011


  1. The difference in wave formation is fascinating! I'd love to see more concerts on here!

  2. I agree with Kelly Anso, would love to see more concerts, what a kewl way to measure their 'success' - imagine being able to say you rocked it out to 5.9 on the Mercalli Scale.

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