Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Popular Ones

After reading online today that Google had released its stats for the month of May i had a wee look at how 'popular' GeoNet was!

And we made it in the top 10 rising searches in NZ!  GeoNet came in 9th with 60% growth in searches - maths, All Blacks, American idol, the GC, Facebook and Diablo were all ahead of us (Maths, really??)

Using 'Google Trends' we can look into this further:

In the pic below you can see that searches for our new website GeoNet Rapid have increased by 250% which is great! 

 It also tells us other websites people have looked at after visiting GeoNet which is (kind of creepy) really interesting! If you look below you can see that people who visited also visited some websites which were related eg. CERA, the Christchurch City Council. But the more interesting sites were lotto and holiday houses - now whats that saying!

Twitter also gives lists of the most popular accounts GeoNet is number 41 in the top 100 followed in the Wellington region (it only gave Wellington or Auckland)

And on Facebook our page received 315 new likes in May.

So thanks to everyone, you make us feel special!

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