Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Out in the Field - Problem solving (and a helicopter)

Here at GeoNet we have a fancy system called 'BigBrother' that keeps an eye on all of the equipment we have out and about in NZ, when something goes wrong it alerts our technicians so they can get it fixed ASAP.

Occasionally this involves a wee trip in a helicopter....  

Before this (fun part) however, the technicians problem solve to figure out exactly what is/could be wrong with the sites. Once they have that figured out they load up with tools and various spare parts and head out to the often remote parts of NZ - that's why we need the helicopter.

OHOK site, looking for a spot to land

Today our first stop was the Okoha (OHOK) cGPS site.  Here Sam and Andrew replaced the radio as it was old and a bit temperamental.

Boys playing nicely together.

Testing the comms.

Flying over DURV

Next stop was D'Urville Island here  to our cGPS site DURV.  which was also having some communication problems, this was fixed by replacing a broken freewave radio.

Sam fixing!

cGPS and our chopper for the morning.

The boys also did some general site maintenance and upgrading whilst we were there. Both sites are now back up and running.

A cute little island and lighthouse!

And to finish, a couple of scenic shots - if only every day was like this!

thanks to JK @ Helipro for flying us today!  

Makara WindFarm (West of Wellington)

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