Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays ~ the last blog for 2011!

Hard to believe its nearly the end of the year already, and what a year its been!  From the hard times following the devastating quakes in Canterbury, to the highs of GeoNet turning 10. We are all hoping that 2012 will come with less geological hazard activity, well a little bit is OK - we are on a plate boundary after all!
I hope to blog more adventures with our technicians, and other exciting things that happen at GeoNet including the replacement of our earthquake location system (more info here )

The GeoNet tree - with quake proofing!
As many people begin the wind-down at work, i thought i would remind everyone that GeoNet is 24/7, when you feel any earthquakes over the break, don't worry our team will be onto it!  Each day (including Christmas) we have one seismologist - based at Avalon, and one volcanologist - based at Wairakei on duty, armed with pagers and close to their computers. So fingers crossed for a uneventful (hazard speaking) few weeks, with some nice weather for BBQs and fun at the beach!

Speaking of weather, my friend Philip Duncan runs the WeatherWatch website, and they have the official Christmas Day forecast here, and its looking good - don't forget your sunblock!

So happy holidays and thanks to all the GeoNet fans out there from myself and the team at GeoNet, we look forward to bringing you new and exciting things in 2012!

-  And i hope everyone remembered to quake proof their Christmas trees!



  1. Hope you and everyone at Geonet has a happy and restful Christmas time. You deserve it. It's been quite a year. I'm sure many thousands of NZers appreciate the information and helpfulness of the staff, associates and contributors at Geonet - I know I have! Its an awesome facility and the blog is the icing on the cake. I live further south in Canterbury and though we are affected, we are more concerned for those closer to the epicentres - not only in Canterbury but also the others around the country - and thanks to Geonet we can get pretty fast information. May next year be quieter for all
    Happy Christmas
    P.S. thanks for the tip on Quake-proofing the tree.

  2. Yes, Geonet, great site and many thanks for all of it. I have a daughter and her family living in Ch.Ch. So visit your site often these days. In the fine tuning area, a little attention to (missing) apostrophes perhaps?!

    Go Well,
    Anthony Maturin.

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