Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Out and about - Christchurch Day 2

Hi-viz swarm at Brighton
All of the forum attendees donned their hi-viz vests, and a sea of orange and yellow went out to visit sites of interest to see the physical impacts of the earthquake and the progress with recovery.

One of the sites included the (now old) Brighton sub-station which sunk quite a bit due to the liquefaction -you can see in the photos below - a new substation has now been built.

Note the door!

On a slight lean!

Another interesting site we visited was the Bromley Wastewater
treatment plant (just a tad stinky!) Their main problem to face was the large amount of silt coming into the plant, with not much physical damage caused by the actual ground movement.

The various treatment tanks

This was slightly unnerving!

Luckily they had these!