Sunday, August 28, 2011

Out in the field - Canterbury : Day 3

 Day 3 - Lara and i packed up and headed back up to the hills above Akaroa, where we put out one more test site.

And then drove back to Christchurch

With a quick photo-stop at McQueens Valley, home to our popular MQZ.

The last stop was up Richmond Hill at Sumner, it was the first time i had been there since the Sept 4th quake, and wow what a difference.  The roads were definitely 'munted' (a popular post-quake phrase) and it was surreal driving around the coast and seeing the wall of containers, to protect from the rockfalls, and the houses perched precariously on the edge of the cliff.

There were still Port-a-loos on every street, and very damaged houses, on the drive up the hill.  

Our temporary site is right at the top, on a new subdivision , we changed over the batteries and then it was back to Wellington.  The site has amazing views, i wonder if people will still buy there?

From up high, things almost looked 'normal'.

Nb: i didn't make Lara do all of the hard work, i did manage to make it into one photo ; )

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