Thursday, January 17, 2013

Its 2013 - Time to get back out in the field

This week Lara (GeoNet Network Operations and Development Manager) and i came down to Canterbury to collect four temporary seismic sites from Mt Hutt Station, and scope around for new test areas for permanent sites.  We aim to put out 5/6 sites to test for two different potential stations, this depends on time/weather etc.

After the Canterbury earthquakes we expanded our seismic network in the immediate area, so these sites are a continuation of that and they will be the southern most new additions for the Canterbury extension.

Below are some are some photos from our trip for your viewing pleasure! You can read one of my more detailed blogs on how we set up our test sites here

Day One: Mt Hutt

Loading up the ute in Christchurch

Mt Hutt Station

Our first site to collect at Mt Hutt Station

 Day two: Arundel  <- click to find out where this is (and no,  its not Middle Earth)

Lara digging at our First site

All finished!

Second site finished with a thunderstorm in the background

The cows were really keen

And then the storm got us

Hail = ouch!

Murphy the farmers dog didn't like the thunder and caught a ride home with us


Tomorrow we are out and about in Timaru - fingers crossed for nice weather!